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pool status: online
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The financial system must change. Cardano is the catalyst. We here at ravenpool want to support Cardano's mission in a meaningful way. We are dedicated to running a single, secure, reliable stake pool on the Cardano blockchain. Ravenpool is run out of 2 virtual private servers in Texas, USA.

globe with nodes connected representing decentralization
Ravenpool contributes to the decentralization and security of the Cardano blockchain. We run a single pool and intend to be here until the end!
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We donate 20% of funds to American Forests and conservancies around the globe.
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1% margin, 340 cost. Get great ada rewards and support a good cause!
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Donating to a rotating list of conservancies will allow us to keep forests alive and create new ones around the world.
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We follow the latest security practices to ensure our nodes stay online to produce blocks when it counts.
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Cardano T-Shirts! Get a t-shirt and support our pool!

Why Delegate to Ravenpool? \\\

We believe that decentralized power back in the hands of the people will create a more equitable future for everyone. We believe Cardano will be at the forefront of that transformation. Our mission will be to donate 20% of all operator rewards to American Forests, and conservancies around the world. We maximize rewards to our delegators by keeping our margin at 1% with the lowest cost allowed by the Cardano protocol.

How to Delegate\\\

Before delegating, ensure you have moved your ada from the exchange to your private wallet.
Download Yoroi here or Download Daedalus here.

Yoroi logo

Open Yoroi, click the Delegation List tab in the top right corner search for the pool you want to delegate to in the search box and hit enter. For our pool you would search for MUNIN.On the right hand side there is a button that says DELEGATE. Click it. Enter your password and click DELEGATE. Finished.You should be eligible for rewards within 15-20 days.

Daedalus logo

Open Daedalus, click the network symbol right below the wallet symbol. Click the stake pools tab. Search for the pool you want to delegate to in the search stake pools box and hit enter. For our pool you would search for MUNIN. Click the pool's box and another popup should appear. Click 'Delegate to this pool'. Enter your password and click DELEGATE. Finished. You should be eligible for rewards within 15-20 days.

Pool Stats\\\

Pool ID: f96b040819395ea1a0fe845da0181e399db99224e3088e82fbc441b2
Ticker: MUNIN
Name: ravenpool
Delegators: 4
Live Stake: 7747
Active Stake: 7747
Pledge: 3000
Last Reward Epoch: 0
Costs: 0 + 340
Lifetime ROA: 0
Blocks Lifetime: 0
Rank: 1444


Our Cardano node virtual private servers are hosted in the cloud at a secure datacenter in Texas

-24GB of ram
-360GB solid state drives
-6 vCPU
-12 terrabyte transfer rate
-RAID 10 configuration
-redundant power and fiber