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The financial system must change. Cardano is the catalyst. We here at raven pool want to support Cardano's mission in a meaningful way. We are dedicated to running secure, reliable nodes on the Cardano network. Raven pool is run out of 2 virtual private servers in Texas, USA.

Why Delegate to Raven Pool? \\\

We believe that decentralized power back in the hands of the people will create a more equitable future for everyone. We believe Cardano will be at the forefront of that transformation. Our mission will be to donate 50% of all operator rewards to American Forests, and forest conservancies around the world.

globe with nodes connected representing decentralization
Ravenpool contributes to the decentralization and security of the Cardano blockchain. We run a single pool and intend to be here until the end!
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We donate 50% of funds to American Forests and conservancies around the globe.
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0% margini(in process of changing) and lowest cost possible! It doesn't get better than this. Get maximum rewards for delegating to raven pool.
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Donating to a rotating list of forest conservancies will allow us to keep forests alive around the world.
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We follow the latest security practices to ensure our nodes stay online to produce blocks when it counts.
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We've already launched a project, Cardano Crypto T-Shirts! Get a t-shirt and support our pool!