It's been a really fun road, learning and getting to know Cardano and the community. Let me just say first that I still believe in Cardano and especially the community that surrounds it. There are great things still yet to come for this space, and with any luck we can really change how the systems work and with it the world. Stake pool operation is tough. It's not the technical side, but the marketing and the delegation. Everyone wants rewards immediately, so you have to figure out ways to get people to stay with your pool knowing they won't be rewarded. It's really tough. I knew the answer lied in creating something additional on top of being a stake pool operator. I tried a few different things, and in my mind they sounded like great ideas, but in no way was it enough to fund the pool. So it's back to the drawing board for me, perhaps I will invest more time in learning and creating an interesting dapp on Cardano, maybe it could be the gateway back into becoming a stake pool operator in the future. Cardano is still my home, and I look forward to the endless possibilities that are in front of us.